Everyone here at Sporting Loft cannot wait to grasp the football steering wheel and drive down the road to glory in our FIFA 19 Road to Glory weekly series.

As a passionate player of the past seven FIFA editions, I’m very much excited to be building a team capable of climbing up the divisions and challenging for trophies – and you’ll be coming with me every step of the way!

Therefore, I am very proud and honoured to announce the birth of Sporting Loft FC!

This brand-new club will be managed by me (James), although many of the decisions will be made by you, the fans, who can vote on our twitter polls every week.

The team will start in the lower leagues and together, we will attempt to lead the club to the highest division possible.

Every week, there will be a full update as to where the club is at and what decisions need to be made.

Keep your eyes out on Twitter for ‘FIFA 19: Road to the big time’ in which YOU can have your say on the key decisions.